Three Main Causes of EMI

EMI stands for electromagnetic interference. EMI is a common phenomenon in our world, and it is getting worse as a result of the expanse and advances of modern electronics. Since World War 2, EMI has been a military problem, but since then the problem has spread to everyday consumers and businesses. EMI shields and EMI gaskets are used to reduce the amount of EMI that leaks from an electronic device. Regardless of where EMI comes from, it will always have a direct effect on surrounding electronic equipment. Three different types of EMI can be found in the world. This includes:

  1. Inherent EMI is located within an electrical device. It is noise that is created through thermal agitation (electrons moving through circuit resistor).
  2. Natural EMI is caused by natural events that require no help from humans. EMI is found during snow and electrical storms. It is found in rain particles, as well as solar radiation. Many call this sort of interference atmospheric noise. Natural EMI will cause issues during RF communication in older equipment. Modern equipment does not suffer from natural EMI as much as it does from human-made EMI.
  3. Lastly, electronic equipment produces human-made EMI. Most electronics are guilty of generating EMI, but this is found most commonly in transmitters, power lines, generators, electrical collectors, and igniters. The electronic equipment mentioned above has been known to cause extremely high levels of EMI. This will degrade the operations of the particular device and all other devices it comes in contact with.

At Eastcoast Shielding, we house a large stock of EMI Shields and Gaskets, but we can also create custom pieces to fit your machine and its application. Be aware of EMI in the air.