Custom EMI/RFI Shielding

What can be done to limit or reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference leaking from electronic devices? In many cause preventing EMI will allow for better cell phone reception, but EMI does have the capacity to fry a machine's circuitry. EMI radiation could be deadly in the automotive or aeronautical field. This is especially the cause when operating in hospitals or other medical facilities that have machines keeping people alive.

Even though EMI and RFI must be shielded, that doesn't mean that product design must suffer. If you look back to the 80's, you might remember some of the rather large, brick-like cell phones. Old cell phones were big, and that wasn't a result of aesthetic choice. The same applies to the first computers ever created (which were so big that they took up almost an entire room). Circuits, chips, motherboards, and wires are much smaller now, but unfortunately, that cause more radiation than their predecessors.

Of course, EMI shielding is necessary, but it shouldn't dictate product design. EMI/RFI shielding can be custom made to fit preexisting models. At Eastcoast Shielding, we can help you through custom shield designs. We will contribute to picking the right materials and construction type to not only limit radiation, but also to also help give your final product the design and feel that you want.