Purpose of EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets

For an electronic device that is malfunctioning as a result of EMI and RFI, the use of shielding gaskets is incredibly important.  Electronic devices have the ability to emit EMI/RFI waves that negatively affects other circuits within a devices as well as devices nearby. Unfortunately, EMI and RFI, through electronic function, are unavoidable. In most cases, EMI and RFI are unintended consequences of electrical operations, but in certain cases EMI and RFI are purposefully generated. The military would use EMI to help block enemy radio broadcasting signals.

The most common product on the market for controlling EMI/RFI is shielding gaskets. They may be referred to as RFI shields as well as EMI shields.  They come in several materials such as yarn, foam, plastic, metal, and elastomer. EMI and RFI leaks from device openings, and so shielding gaskets must cover/seal: seal access panels, lead cable openings, and backplanes. The shielding gaskets are lightweight and non-intrusive, so it does not add weight. It also doesn't hinder proper functions.

It is very common to find shielding gaskets used in conjunction with shielding enclosures. Working with EMI shielding specialists is the best way to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference.

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