Integrated Circuits Have Problems with EMI

When working with integrated circuits, EMI is always an issue that must be dealt with. Integrated circuits work in conjunction with circuit boards or heatsinks, and this causes cable to radiate. Dealing with these issues will allow you to optimize your integrated circuit usage. There are ways to deal with this issue, and each of the fixes is different. The three ways are as followed: decoupling capacitors, rise time, and Vcc filtering.

Decoupling Capacitor- This item is sometimes called a bypass capacitor. The capacitor is used to separate one part of an electrical network. By decoupling the network, the power supply and/or the high impedance component is bypassed. This reduces noise cause by the elements of other circuits.

Rise Time- This is the amount of time that is taken by a signal to go from a low to a high value. It is used when working with high-speed machinery. Reducing the rise time allows for the reduction of EMI in integrated circuits.

Vcc Filtering- This deals with power rails of circuits. There are different power-supply pins. Vcc filtering allows for substantial reduction of EMI.

The best way to deal with issues of EMI is to calculate the radiation of an item while it is still in the stages of development. Usually, the most common form of radiation is from the common mode currents. You will also find these issues in differential mode currents. By looking at ground lift voltage, and comparing it with the common mode current, it becomes a possibility that you may accurately predict EMI.

EMI can be looked at as two different parts. There is Intra EMI and Inter EMI. Intra EMI is the culprit behind reliability problems when designing products. This is a result of circuits not functioning according to specified values. Inter EMI is when a circuit is giving off more electromagnetic energy then specified.

EMI Shielding is also an option for your company. It is best to try and nullify EMI, but shielding helps to protect circuits. Combining shielding  and preplanning is your best bet for dealing with EMI issues. If you are hesitant or unsure of how to reduce EMI, call a local shielding company, and discuss the different options you have. Do not rush into any project or purchase. By doing calculations and planning during the design stages, you can save yourself time and money.

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