RFI Shielding in the Medical Field

Recently, there has been a tremendous influx of electronic goods in the medical industry. These advancements have helped expedite many different hospital functions and it crucial in devices like Apnea monitors, pacemakers, heart rate monitors, and electronic wheel chairs.  Although these electronic components help the industry, they are susceptible to radiofrequency interference.

Some form of RFI shielding protects most electronic components in hospitals. If they weren’t, the electronics would experience interference from smartphones and hand held receivers. The need for proper shielding grows when electronic components are placed within the human body. For example, pacemakers need to have the proper shielding gaskets so that people can live safe lives outside of the hospital environment.

Every device is enclosed in a gasket. In the medical field, thorough EMI shielding and RFI shielding can be a matter of life or death. If a patient’s equipment isn’t protected from EMI shielding and RFI shielding, it can malfunction and leave a patient in danger of harm.  Gaskets are the primary source of EMI shielding and RFI shielding.

If you are interested in learning more about RFI shielding in the medical field, contact a local professional for more information. 

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