Mounting a Shielding Gasket

Shielding gaskets are vital products for many different industries that deal with EMI or RFI. The different applications and industries throughout the world rely on the products being made strong, durable, and able to resist EMI. You can find different types of shielding gaskets in:

  • Computers
  • Military electronics/Military weapons
  • High-speed electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Cellular/telecom stations

The list above is only a small portion of where you'll find shielding gaskets. The list does suggest that there is a good deal of different shielding gaskets used in different ways. It is important to know that there are extensive options when it comes to the field of EMI resistance. 

One thing a person must consider before acquiring shielding gaskets is where and how the gasket will get mounted.

There are six popular mounting styles that are available to an individual/company.

1- Pressure-sensitive adhesives are one of the simplest and most used methods. It is quick and this is because of its efficient attachment strip. It has a soft-shield, spring-line, and polastrip.

2- Friction fit in a grove is another option to consider. This mounting will help to prevent over-deflection of gaskets. With this mounting you will have conductive elastomers, mesh strips, spring mesh, and a soft-shield.

3- Adhesive compounds can be bought as either conductive or non-conductive. The spot binding of these mounts comes with conductive elastomers and mesh strips. However, this mounting style is not one of the most popular ones.

4- Robotically dispensed form-in-place elastomers are a great option for conductive elastomers. These mounts only work on metal and plastic housing but are mounted with complete accuracy. Some say, as a result of the machine dispensing, this mounting is the most efficient. Of course, this mounting doesn't work for all products or industries.

5- Friction fitting on tangs is a very specific mounting style that only works on thin walls. It can fit on intricate shapes as long as the walls are thin.

6- Spacer gaskets are one of the most customizable mounting options. This mounting style allows for grounding of the EMI shield in small enclosures. It is a bit more difficult to install, but locator pins help to make manual mounting easier. You can also have this mount done robotically.

There are other mounting options for you to consider but the six above are the most popular. Calling a local shielding gasket company will allow you to talk through your wants and needs. Don't make a decision about something as important as this without talking to a professional.

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