Designing EMI Gaskets

To adequately protect EMI leaks from electronic devices, EMI gaskets must be built to exact specifications. Different devices and applications require different gaskets. Below, we will go over a few important elements for successful gasket design.

One of the most important things to consider is the material selection. Improvements in technology allow us to provide our clients with a broad range of materials that provides adequate shielding. Shielding elastomers allow EMI shield to have different characteristics (corrosion resistance and physical properties). We can help you determine if silver or nickel graphite is a better material for your protection.

Deciding the tolerance levels of the protection is also a vital step for efficiently creating EMI gaskets. Height plays a determining factor in physical tolerances, which ultimately finalizes the gasket width. The height is conditional to the variations in dispensing parameters. Both height and width must be considered with the design. We can help with these decisions.

You must lastly consider the turnaround time from design to an acquisition. We are a one-stop shop, and so we can get your EMI shielding gaskets quickly and to exact specification.

Our talented team can help you design and create EMI gaskets that will function correctly for your device. Stop EMI leakage when first developing the device.