Using Shields and Filters

In order to have electronic devices work properly, it is important to filter and shield different forms of EMI. In order to fully understand how to use shields and filters, it is important to trust the professionals. Having a basic level of knowledge about shields and filters will help you have a better conversation with the professionals.

Filters can be used to minimize noise that is made by conductors. Shields on the other hand, are used to cancel noise that is created through space. For devices with antennas, the two types of noises get mutually transformed via the antenna.  In instances like this, it is wise to use both filters and shield.

When using shields and filters, it is important to be smart about grounding the devices. Grounds for both are different, and if not handled properly, there could be potential problems with EMI. Don't just connect grounds properly. You should also make sure you reinforce the grounds. Using a shield that covers devices entirely creates stable grounds. That stability is lost when holes are created for wires, and this can cause large problems for defending against EMI
Trust professional when you need help using filters and shields to combat EMI and RFI.