Cost Effective Shielding for Major Applications

In the modern technological world, it is important to protect from emitting and receiving electromagnetic interference. EMI shield is constructed to do just that. During the manufacturing process, production costs can begin to add up, and so we try and find the most efficient economic solutions for each of our clients.

We have worked with companies to build EMI shielding enclosures for many different types of electrical equipment. This includes:

Wireless phones and smartphones: through using plastic conductive gaskets and conductive elastomer covers, we can both shield and ground portable devices.

Base stations: these outdoor enclosure-shielding bases are more intricate than cellular devices and as such need added features. We provide EMI shielded windows for easy readouts, as well as EMI shields for vents. Our expertise will help reduce costs in already expensive equipment.
Information technology and devices: Computers, both laptop, and desktop, benefit from EMI shielding. As a means to keep cost down to consumers, manufacturers must find ways to save money. We know how to apply cost-saving solutions for major applications. Specialized foil over-foam EMI gaskets are used connecting ports.

We have constructed and supplied EMI shield for other industries as well. This includes:

  1. Avionics and aerospace
  2. Naval
  3. Military electronics
  4. Automobile electronic and electronic components
  5. Medical electronics
  6. Indoor shielding

If you need more information on the benefits of EMI shields, please give us a call. We can get you the right EMI gaskets quickly.