Wire Mesh Gaskets

EMI shielding is set in place to reduce the electromagnetic field in a space. It is essential for all industries to provide EMI shielding on their electronic products because of electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI can be damaging to other electronic devices and humans. EMI shielding regulations have been set to reduce damage from interference.   

Industries have many options to choose when it comes to EMI shielding. An EMI gasket is one very popular form of shielding. There is an abundance of gaskets for companies to choose. One very effective EMI gasket is a wire mesh gasket.

Wire mesh gasket configurations are supplied in a variety of ways. They are supplied on spools, cuts, or coils. You can choose your desired length. Additionally, the buyer is allowed to choose whether they would like individual gaskets with or without end seals.

The profiles of wire mesh gaskets come in a variety of options. The range allows them to work with a multitude of applications. Wire mesh gaskets are available round, double round with tail, rectangular, half round, and round with tail.

A standard profile comes in all mesh. They feature an elastomer core, which enhances compression characteristics. Additionally, the elastomer core increases the deflection range.