Finger Stock Gaskets

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be damaging to both people and electronic devices. Because of this, many industries are required to provide EMI shielding to protect against any interference.

EMI shielding reduces the electromagnetic field in a space by providing blockers to the field. There are many ways to provide EMI shielding. One effective way is with an EMI gasket. There are many forms of EMI gaskets to choose, and one of the most attractive and efficient is a finger stock gasket.

Finger stock gaskets are an excellent choice for most companies because they work with a variety of applications. Their RoHS compliant shielding strips allow the gaskets to provide EMI shielding for a variety of industries.

Finger stock gaskets come in several different sizes so they can fit any need. The length of their strips ranges from 16 inches to 24 inches. They are available in continuous coils that can go up to 34 inches in length. They can be cut into single fingers or full-finger lengths upon request. Speak to a manufacturer to decide which size works best for your needs.

The material thickness of finger stock gaskets is available in two sizes: standard and TF. The TF option requires less force to compress the gasket to its operating range.