EMI Shielding Spacer Gasket

When it comes to reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), there are many options to choose. EMI shielding is necessary for any company because many rules and regulations have been set up to ensure that humans and other electronics are not subjected to harm.

One popular source of EMI shielding is an EMI gasket, particularly an EMI shielding spacer gasket. A spacer gasket is designed with a thin plastic retainer frame. A conductive elastomer is molded onto the plastic frame. The location of the elastomer will depend on the model spacer gasket that you have.

The spacer gasket differs from a traditional EMI gasket because of its design. The design allows for more flexibility in use. Spacer gaskets work great with smaller devices, such as a cell phone and other handheld electronics.

Spacer Gaskets do not need to be installed manually by humans. They can be installed efficiently using a robot application. Each gasket features integral locator pins. These pins allow for accurate positioning. The robot installation has dual benefits: faster assembly and lower labor costs.

When looking to use an EMI gasket for your EMI shielding needs, consider a spacer gasket. A spacer gasket is an excellent choice because of its added benefits. A spacer gasket offers high shielding performance. The gasket also provides low volume resistivity. The low resistivity makes the EMI shielding spacer gasket an excellent choice for grounding applications.