Simplifying EMI Shielding Theory

Without having a fundamental understanding of EMI shielding, it is hard to select gaskets that will be optimized for a particular design and function. If inappropriate parts are employed, there can be a serious chance that devices will leak EMI. Knowing the basics will allow individuals to contribute to the designing process of the gasket.

First, all electromagnetic waves are lumped into one of two categories: magnetic field and electric field. The two types are perpendicular to each other. Determining magnitude between magnetic and electric depending on the distance to its source as well as what is generating source.

Another important aspect of EMI shielding is wave impedance, which is illustrated through what happens when electromagnetism meets a discontinuity. Most energy will be reflected because the wave impedance is different from the intrinsic impedance.

The thickness of shields plays a vital role in performance. For thin shields, a significant amount of the re-reflected energy will appear in front of the surface.

Our engineers are standing by to answer any and all questions about EMI shields and EMI gaskets. We understand that the language and science associated with electromagnetism are confusing, and we want to help you and your business navigate complicated manufacturing processes.