Organic and Inorganic Finishes

Picking the right finish for your EMI shield is essential to the overall function of electrical devices. Without a proper coating, it is possible for machines to leak EMI into the surrounding environment. No gasket or shield is complete without a decent finish. As discussed in a previous article, the class environment is vital for determining the type of finish that is required for a shield. There are other options when it comes to picking a finish for your RFI or EMI protecting products. For instance, organic finishes have become more popular over the last decade. They are used to prevent corrosion, and they do so with great success. Many different types of organic finishes can be employed, but they will not be productive if not correctly applied.

Organic finishes are beneficial because they protect in more natural ways, which can lead to a longer lifespan. These finishes are made with organic chemicals. It can have better corrosion, electrical, and chemical resistance when compared to inorganic finishes. 

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