Global Legislation Helps Protect Devices from Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism and its effect on electronic systems and devices is a global problem. The only places that do not need to contemplate problems of EMI or EMC are communities that do not use electronic devices of any sort. As a result of the industrialized world worrying about EMI and EMC, countries and organizations got together to create local and global legislation for electromagnetism.

Initially, many requirements for systems were implemented by the military and for civil aviation. As electronics expanded into all aspects of daily life, especially with wireless communications, regulation requirements for EMI and EMC expanded into civilian sectors. Legislation in different countries produces sets of standards (which vary from country to country).

In the United States of America, the FCC is responsible for setting standards. Regulation part 15 requires that all equipment that is used in residential areas must have certification and verifications. These guidelines help to ensure proper functionality of all electronic devices: even important machines used to power cities and keep people alive in hospitals.

EMI shields and EMI gaskets allow producers of electronic devices to contain electromagnetism within the apparatus safely. EMI shields allow companies to build products that meet FCC standards.  For more information on how we can help you protect your devices, please give us a call.