Gaskets and Corrosion

All metals are subject to corrosion in one way or another. Distinct types of metals, under varying circumstances, will damage at different rates, but they will all corrode. The chemical composition of the minerals gives them innate qualities that react either electrochemically or chemically. The reaction is caused when materials interact with their environment. Packaging for electronics is created for four distinct environments.

  1. Controlled conditions (Class A):  In a controlled environment, temperature and humidity must be carefully regulated. Normally, these are indoor (fully enclosed) environments.
  2. Uncontrolled environment (Class B): In these conditions, humidity and temperature do not need to be controlled. Devices can even be exposed to moisture that reaches 100% (also, the occasional wetting). You will find class B enclosures in uncontrolled warehouses.
  3. Marine environments (Class C): When working around salt water (closer than 2 miles from a large body of salt water), class C enclosures work best. These are used on ships and on land.
  4. Space conditions (Class D): Humans could not exist in space because it is a vacuum with high levels of radiation. Class D enclosures can handle traveling through space.

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