Fighting Against EMI and EMI

Electronic devices cannot help but generate some levels of electromagnetic radiation. The inside of an electronic device will show a closed system, but electricity is not entirely contained as it flows through circuits/wires. Electromagnetic radiation creates energy that can be propagated through the air. This type of radiation harms the function of surrounding electronic devices and power cables. This is commonly referred to as disturbance voltages.

Two types of Electromagnetic radiation need to be considered during the construction process. Both EMI and EMC have direct effects on the overall performance of nearby electronic devices.

EMI is the electromagnetic energy that affects the function of electronic devices. EMI can be naturally occurring, like with lightning, but more commonly it is another electrical system. Cell phones, motors, welders, and LED screens create the worst forms of EMI. Electronics do not usually function in isolation, and so it is important to get the proper EMI shielding for your devices.

EMC is the measurement of a device's capacity to operate in a shared environment while not altering the ability of other equipment in the same system. It is important to accurately calculate EMC of devices because it could lead to safety risks, data loss, and product failure.

It is important to test and protect against EMI and EMC.