EMI Testing

When working with electronics, it is important to have a full understanding of how much EMI your devices are radiating. If the radiation levels are too high, your devices run the risk of interfering with other products. For instance, if you are using a PC computer that has improper EMI shielding then it will interfere with nearby radios and cell phones. Most devices that have some form of computer chip will be guilty of leaking EMI into the world.

Considering this fact, it is important to make sure that your products goes through extensive EMI testing. These tests will usually take place towards the end of the development stage. If EMI levels are high, it is possible to add an EMI shield.

Testing measures the radiation that is leaking from your product, and there are two different tests to perform: EUT (Equipment Under Test) and FCC-15 Test. Conducting both tests will give you a full understanding of the EMI coming from your device. The only way to properly shield your device is to know what sort of shielding you need.

If you are having difficulty testing your products, reach out to an EMI shielding and RFI shielding specialist.