EMI Shield Covers

Studies have shown that exposure to electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be detrimental to both humans and other machinery. EMI refers to the interruption of operation of electrical equipment when it is close to an electromagnetic field (EM field). Because it has been proven that exposure to EMI can be dangerous, regulations have been made to limit the amount of EMI a business can transport.

One way that companies have begun to combat EMI exposure is EMI shielding. EMI shielding reduces the EM field in an area.

This shielding is done by blocking the field with different items. These items create a barrier. There are many things that companies use as EMI shielding, such as EMI O-rings or EMI gaskets.

EMI shield covers have become a favorite tool to fight against EMI. Covers do not only provide EMI shielding; they also feature circuit-to-circuit crosstalk isolation within electronic enclosures.

There are many benefits to using EMI shield covers. They can help save time by eliminating steps that other methods of EMI shielding require. When you use covers, you do not need to use conductive paint, coating or plating on plastic covers. Additionally, if you are using an EMI shield cover, then you do not need to take the time to install an EMI gasket.