EMI is?

Electromagnetic interference, also known as EMI, is an energy force that has the capacity to disrupt performance and cause malfunctions in machines. Electrical equipment that is surrounded by electromagnetism, either from external or internal sources, will be subject to EMI. This type of interference is a nuisance because it is many things:

Whether it is a component, circuit, or similar equipment, EMI is always combined with one of the three above. EMI is created as a result of voltage in one circuit causing currents in other circuits. Coupling can be done in three separate ways: conductive, inductive, or capacitive (the three ways can be put together to make different combinations).

EMI is not only coupled, but it is also radiated. This is possible because of open spaces in equipment enclosures. This can be a vent, access point, or cable hole. EMI may also radiate from a lead cable leaving the electromagnetic source.

Other nearby deceives are susceptible to EMI from lead cables.
Lastly, EMI is also conducted. Conduction is made possible through signal lines or power cables. EMI is only conducted when these lines or cables come between EMI sources.

The damage that can be done by EMI requires the purchase and usage of specialized shielding gaskets.

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