EMI and Smartphones

Modern smartphones are built with EMI shielding. As more and more phones push to 3D-touch technology (and other diverse functions), phones need more defenses against electromagnetism. Protecting EMI leakage is one of the best ways to increase overall performance while reducing electromagnetic waves coming from the phone. Shielding is not applied to the whole phone, but instead, an array of digital chips is protected as a means to ensure a phone can function adequately. EMI shielding safeguards parts that control wireless LAN, radio frequency, and Bluetooth. Similar shielding has already been applied to the personal computer industry. PCs have to shield most commonly on PC boards and connectors.

EMI shielding helps to block incoming interference while also limiting EMI leaking from parts of the device. Shielding also helps to create more space within devices. As a result of being small and easy to mount, space can be saved in a device without compromising any bit of performance.

We provide EMI shielding solutions. Our specialties include designing custom-made parts for complex and specific applications. Give us a call, and we will take the time to understand your job and needs so that we can custom create parts, materials, and techniques that can be used to help your business. Our talented engineers can use EMI shielding and EMI gaskets to help protect your electronics, even if it is not a phone.