Electromagnetic Waves and Everyday Appliances

An electromagnetic wave is the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and It is continuously changing. When an electromagnetic wave has a high frequency, it is also a short wavelength, is high in energy, and can be more dangerous.

Ultraviolet is an electromagnetic wave that can be incredibly dangerous. When someone has excessive exposure to UVA and UVB, his or her surface cells and eyes can be damaged. In extreme cases, exposure to Ultraviolet can lead to cancer.

Many household appliances utilize electromagnetic waves to work. One of these everyday devices is a microwave. Microwaves are absorbed by water molecules. The water molecules become heated, and that is how they heat the food. There are some dangers associated with microwaves. Microwaves can be absorbed by living tissue. The internal heating can damage or kill cells.

Remote controls and toasters are other everyday appliances that use electromagnetic waves through infrared radiation. All materials absorb infrared radiation. The process causes heating. At times infrared radiation can damage cells by burning them.

While electromagnetic waves can be dangerous to humans, scientists have found ways to protect individuals. EMI Shielding and RFI Shielding are some ways that help protect people from being exposed to too many electromagnetic waves. EMI Shielding is when electronics and cables are surrounded by conductive or magnetic materials. This process helps guard against incoming or outgoing emissions. RFI Shielding mostly pertains to spray that protects against electromagnetic frequencies.